Barnabas Davis Sold Heroin Dubbed as ‘Ebola’

NJ man sold ebola heroin

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What the What? I love my people, honestly. History (and ESPN) have proven that we are some of the most creative beings in the world; and some of us will capitalize on anything good, bad, or ugly.

Would you believe that in a time when people everywhere are already hyperventilating over the possibility of an Ebola pandemic, Barnabas Davis—-an enterprising Street Pharmaceutacalist in Toms River, NJ decided to upgrade the name of his heroin to something more fashion-forward, like…Ebola?! Well, it kinda does make sense, considering that re-branding is an effective marketing strategy.

Read on to experience a likely conversation between Barnabas, and a comparison shopper that we’ll call “Peanut.”

Barnabas: “Yo, I got that Ebola, namean?”

Peanut: “Oh, word?!”

Barnabas: “Yeah, it blew in last nite. This shit is the truth.”

Peanut: “Um, it aint got the real Ebola in it, do it? No disrespect, but that shit killing people.”

Barnabas: “Hell naw, Ebola Virus is on some gubment, created in a lab type-shit. My shit is legit. I’m tryna get choo high like Marion Barry (God Rest His Soul).”

Peanut: “Oh word?! Well, i was hoping to get high like that mayor in Canada..that fat white dude.”

Barnabas: “I got choo!”

Peanut: “Well then, let me get some!”

See, that’s a great example of effective marketing. Barnabas translated his existing, run of the mill product into one of highly perceived value. Goodness, does anybody else realize that this guy is in the wrong business? I see a Business Degree, with a Marketing specialization in his future; after his arraignment, of course. 😉

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