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Dear SisterChatter,

I’m a 37 year-old single mother of two. I applied and got accepted to a teaching certification program three years ago and the program has done me nothing but harm. I left a job in the marketing field and took a $40,000 pay cut because I wanted to spend more time with my kids and thought that the summers off would be wonderful. Well, I’m constantly in school because the program keeps changing the requirements. Needless to say, I get to spend no extra time with my kids and I’m still living check to check because of the pay decrease. To top it off, my administration is horrible and all the kids are disrespectful Seeds of Chucky. I’m miserable every day I go to work. I’ve always had a passion for children, but these kids and the lack of administrative support have made it hard for me to look at any kids, even my own. I’m at the end of my rope right now. As the end of the school year draws near, I’m faced with the decision to keep teaching and uphold my 5 year commitment to the program, or pay out of my contract and face the cut-throat world of corporate america again in search of a job comparable to the one I foolishly gave up.

I’ve never been a quitter, but I can honestly say that I’ve given teaching my all, and I have no more left to give. Should I tough it out for two more years or start searching for a job – and my livelihood?

Thanks for listening (reading),


Julu Says…Nic, you tried. Don’t beat yourself up. I wouldn’t consider it quitting if you decide to either go back to your former career, or even a newer, more sane one. Disrespectful Seeds of Chucky?! Uh, yeah, maybe it’s time for you to move on–lmao! Besides, if your heart isn’t in teaching anymore, the kids won’t reap the full benefit of all you’re capable of offering. I say finish the school year out, start networking and looking for a new job, and have an awesome summer with your kids. Just stay passionate, and let that guide your steps to future employment.

Drake Says…Nicole, you did the right thing by wanting to change professions, but maybe financially it was the wrong move. From my view all you can do now is finish out your contract obligation, and look for the end of the tunnel. Try to make a change in a few children that are able to receive that change, and then go back to making the bucks; just do a better job of planning vacations with ur kids, and taking care of things at home so you will have more time to spend with the kids on weekends, holidays, etc.

Fever Says…Fact, YOU “applied” for this position, knew the risks, and you know the rewards. Only you can answer that question. The job you took is for teaching “certificate,” only its been three years. Aren’t you close to finishing? Why give up now because it’s not what you expected? We all take jobs with the expectation of greater things only to learn that most of the time, those expectations were a fantasy. The certificate you seek is still at hand, yet you want to give in because it’s inconvenient, frustrating, and money is tight. You have less than two years to finish what you’ve started. If you were in the perfect situation–school had respectful, impeccable students, would your complaints be the same? Would that passion still be there? I think so. Don’t give up on your passion, as it’ll be there til you’re older in age. Whether you’re 37, 47, or 67 you’ll still have a passion for children which could manifest itself into an Administration position where you could make changes for the better.

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