Does His Size Really Matter?

Courtesy of Julu

Courtesy of Julu

Occasionally, the ‘size’ topic will come up at lunch, or a party, etc.   I think that any woman who has dealt with more than 1.5 partners knows that size isn’t the end all–be all; but with the average woman only having 3 partners or less in her lifetime, there’s a lack of experience in the ranks–which I believe fuels the debate on size vs motion.  😉

I’ve learned a lot of interesting facts in these conversations.  One girl told the group about her “Magnum Man.”  Perhaps some of you are familiar with him. He’s that dude that swears up and down and sideways that he needs an extra large condom.  And then when you get in the room with him, his ‘jenk’ looks like its been on the Atkins diet.  What else would it look like standing in the middle of a big-azz-condom?!   Ladies beware!  If you run across that brother, make him tie a knot in the side of the condom ’cause he must be on a mission to get women pregnant–or worse!  A loose condom could either slip off, or lose secretions, which could be a dangerous situation–not to mention it’s a disgusting thought!  Ladies remember you can always excuse yourself from crazy situations, and exercise your right to sing an Old Negro Spiritual because we shall overcome.  Tell that brother “It’s not you, it’s me,” and then roll out.

To the brothers out there reading this, please know that you make your manhood look smaller when you unnecessarily upsize the rubber.  Please wear one that fits.  This is not Mickey D’s.  Trust me, women are not gonna pay for 20 nuggets when all we can eat is the 4-piece.  We just might go for the kid meal to save some money–’cause we still ‘gon get full.  😉

Women are economical creatures.  Anything  that can’t be used is a waste.  😉

Men and women should both be knowledgeable, and willing to buy condoms. Not sure about the size? Here’s a guide: Find Your Condom Size

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You can call me JULU. I’m a single working mother of two. I’ve been referred to as “an old soul” and have a knack for reading people. I’m friendly by nature and cool with just as many women as men. I’m that person who always gets the quiet people to talk. When giving advice, expect my answers to contain a heap load of wisdom gained from my vast personal experiences, a considerable amount of women’s intuition, and a dash of humor. I will not excuse behavior for ANYONE. Wrong is wrong, and if you do wrong then ask my opinion, expect the hard truth about it. I’m a great communicator, and enjoy talking and sharing thoughts with others. I’m also an artist, so view life creatively. I believe there are many different ways to handle the many different situations we encounter in life. Expect some humor where appropriate. I’m a trip, and will clown you as I see fit. Where guys are concerned, they typically think of me in one of two ways. I’m either like a sister, or they tend to “forget I’m a girl” because I’m so frickin’ laid back and “don’t get all emotional” like women tend to. Life is what it is, so no need in me stressing over stuff I can’t control. Don’t get me wrong I have my moments. I just usually take the common sense approach to solving problems instead of letting my heart do the talking; and then if that doesn’t work, I ask Drake. ☺ I have an Associates Degree in Business, and an Honorary Degree in “Dealing with Life’s BS.”

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