Don’t Hate on Haiti

Earthquake Ravaged Town

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wanted to put something down about Haiti while its fresh on my mind.  been hearing things on the news about the Haitian people starting to lose patience with the speed that help is arriving.  even discussed this issue with a friend who said basically the same thing.  she acknowledged how sad and devastating the situation was, but also commented on how unreasonable it was for the survivors to think that help should’ve arrived sooner than it did. lets start with that–having the mental capacity to reason, when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes your home, kills your kids, parents, cousins, pets–some within the blink of an eye, while others are waiting reasonably to die.  So don’t hate on Haiti, when you truly may never understand how any of this feels.

the way i see it, it is impossible for anyone who just woke up in his or her own bed this morning with a roof over head (and clothes, food, and their children safely tucked away), to fathom how one should begin to act in a catastrophe. personally, i believe the Haitians should be commended on their behavior. from what i’ve seen on the news, looting and lack of patience didn’t really begin to surface until about day 4 of sleeping outside, being injured, and coping with unforeseen sorrow, shock, sleep deprivation, anxiety, despair and disbelief. that’s damm good.  the anchors on the news had them theoretically looting at about day 2. what was that all about?  its almost as if they were in wait for savage-like behavior.  like i told that friend of mine, try and imagine starting your day off normally, when out of the blue the earth around you starts to violently shake. and then structures begin to collapse all around you..on you. try to imagine losing your entire family and home within 10 minutes. it’s pretty UN-imaginable.

why do WE as a people find it so easy to offer an opinion when we really have no clue what we would do in a certain situation?  and we’re all guilty of that at times. i have small children, and pray daily for their sanity and safety. NO, i could not imagine experiencing anything i’ve seen or read in the news about Haiti; therefore will carefully form my opinion about what is acceptable behavior in the midst of a disaster. COLOR has nothing to do with the way people behave in catastrophes; although certain news stations would lead you to believe some “loot” while others “find.”

UPDATE – 5.21.15

AP Reporter Jonathan Katz was on assignment in Haiti when the earthquake struck. He later authored a book entitled The Big Truck That Went By: How The World Came To Save Haiti And Left Behind A Disaster to describe the unimaginable, and chilling account of his experience before and after the 2010 ‘quake. Listen to the compelling interview he did with Boston News Station, WBUR for details.

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