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Is My Man Pushing Me Away?

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Is My Man Pushing Me Away?

Dear Drake,
I’ve been dating a guy for a year that I think could be a “keeper.” He’s 24, and I’m 30. We have a great time together, and talk about getting married and the future. He’s in the military, and will be leaving for Iraq in Dec. So it doesn’t make sense to me that he would start hanging out with guys in his unit more than with me. Is my man pushing me away? He’ll be deploying with those same guys so can see them all the time while he’s gone. Not to sound selfish, but i think he should cherish these months with me before he leaves. I’m afraid that if I tell him how I feel he’ll break things off with me and I don’t want that. Could this be his way of getting me to break it off?

Janae in Beltsville, MD

Your man’s deploying to a stressful environment, and everyone deals with stress in their own way. I have been deployed b4 so i know the stressors. Maybe b4 he goes to Iraq he still wants to have that mental peace of mind and freedom because believe me when you get to where he’s going, you have no freedom–even in the bathroom. Someone is around you 24 hours. So maybe, just maybe, he doesnt want to feel locked down before he goes. On the other hand, maybe he’s pushing you away so you dont get more caught up in him …. especially if he thinks he may get killed. Thats a reality that people dont want to hear. Just be there for him no matter what he needs or does in these last few days in the states… ya heard.