Ep26 – Battery Operated Boyfriend

Ep26 – Battery Operated Boyfriend (B.O.B.)

Real Talk with Julu, Drake & Maxi about masturbation and toys, and some other random stuff that’s sure to make this SisChat Podcast one of our most memorable! Shoutout to the R&B Hippie, NeoSoul RockStar, Raheem DeVaughn.

0:24 – Ep 24 /25 Recap
1:32 – Ridiculously Censored Songs
2:44 – R Kelly Might Sing This Song When He’s 90
3:21 – More Randomness
4:00 – Cut-Off Age to Try Crack
5:32 – Welcome to SisChat Maxi B-more
6:35 – Bullet | B.O.B. | Do All Men Beat Off?
11:26 – Moistness | Hannibal Lecter
13:19 – B.O.B. vs Ben

Marion Kendrick wrote a great, must-read article, that’s told from A Man’s Perspective, about B.O.B., the cupid shuffle, and a pack of hot dogs. Smiley

Raheem Devaughn (@368hustlers) – B.O.B (Battery Operated Boyfriend) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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