Gray Hair Down There?

My pubic hairs are gray

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When I, I mean when my friend first told me she noticed gray hair down there I couldn’t believe it.  We were only in our late thirties at the time. The conversation took me right back to elementary school when this girl named Rhonda was playing “the dozens” with a boy in our class and said, “yo momma so old she got gray hair on her coochie!” All the girls in our 5th grade class screamed “ewwwww!” and laughed.  Well it’s not so funny now.  And since seeing the first few gray hairs, the amount doubled in less than two years.  Lets all say it again “ewwwww!”  I’m too through..I mean my friend is!  Not knowing how safe dying it would be, she began to keep it closely cut.  In my search to find justification for the cruel joke nature was playing, I discovered there were many other folx out there in cyberspace with the same concern.  I found this pretty cool site during my search. They offer pubic hair dyes and stencils to help you color, style and “get your betty ready” for any occasion.  Since the product line launched in Sep ‘07, more than 100K units have been sold in the US and abroad.  The product has grown in popularity; and kits are now available for men to satisfy their manscaping needs. WOW.

My dear readers, if any of you have personally tried, or know of someone who has tried this product please share the experience with us.  Somebody reading this right now has a thick, coarse and wiry, unmanageable gray hair or three down there in a French braid that could use some maintenance.  God please help us to grow old gracefully.

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