I Too Am Terrific

Image Credit: Garth Williams

Image Credit: Garth Williams

We had some pretty significant renovations at my job about six weeks ago.  In addition to patching and painting walls, we got some new office furniture.  To accommodate for the additions, we had to move our office equipment to a different section to avoid clutter in our lobby.    I sit in the ‘front office’ aka the newly renovated customer service area, along with the Director and his Assistant. Why did the Assistant just walk out of his office over to the empty spot where the copier used to sit and say “where the hell’s the copy machine?” My inside voice was screaming “DUDE! its been gone about 6wks..where the hell have you been?” And he’s been at work every day..no leave or absences–well, maybe some absent mindedness, but I digress.

OMG I need to get paid six-figures so that I can have the luxury of not paying attention to any of the small stuff that happens around me; and my gut tells me that management pays about as much attention to us ‘little people’ as the furniture they sit their Assets on. Moral of the story? Throughout the ridiculousness and foolishness that you may encounter from day to day, know your worth; and if you don’t like your current situation, put a plan in place immediately so you can change it.  Be smart about it, and don’t just ‘up and quit!’  Show up on time, and don’t go off on nobody! Slow, deep breaths work. Remember, you need that gig to get you to the next phase!

My prayer for today, said in one breath and with extreme passion and fervor: (Take Deep breath now) “Dear God PLEASE let this website take off and become a household name so I can have a career that I LOVE to do and it won’t even feel like work and I can do it from home..from my own bed some mornings–just until I get moving good–’cause Lord you know I’m a lil slow in the mornings, but I’m a work in progress and this will allow me to take better care of myself and kids!”…Inhale, and I’m out.

Author: julu

You can call me JULU. I’m a single working mother of two. I’ve been referred to as “an old soul” and have a knack for reading people. I’m friendly by nature and cool with just as many women as men. I’m that person who always gets the quiet people to talk. When giving advice, expect my answers to contain a heap load of wisdom gained from my vast personal experiences, a considerable amount of women’s intuition, and a dash of humor. I will not excuse behavior for ANYONE. Wrong is wrong, and if you do wrong then ask my opinion, expect the hard truth about it. I’m a great communicator, and enjoy talking and sharing thoughts with others. I’m also an artist, so view life creatively. I believe there are many different ways to handle the many different situations we encounter in life. Expect some humor where appropriate. I’m a trip, and will clown you as I see fit. Where guys are concerned, they typically think of me in one of two ways. I’m either like a sister, or they tend to “forget I’m a girl” because I’m so frickin’ laid back and “don’t get all emotional” like women tend to. Life is what it is, so no need in me stressing over stuff I can’t control. Don’t get me wrong I have my moments. I just usually take the common sense approach to solving problems instead of letting my heart do the talking; and then if that doesn’t work, I ask Drake. ☺ I have an Associates Degree in Business, and an Honorary Degree in “Dealing with Life’s BS.”

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