Why Don’t Men Lotion Their Feet?

Courtesy of StevesClothingStore

Courtesy of StevesClothingStore

Brothers ‘be-on-us’ all the time, talking ‘bout “if women wear sandals their feet better be on-point.” Well from what I’ve seen, most women have heeded this warning, and do a very good job keeping their ‘dawgs from barking.’ But enough is enough. It’s time for fellas to step up their lotion game. I can’t fathom (some of y’all say phanthom..smh), one rational reason that would explain why a large percentage of men don’t lotion their feet. Maybe it’s cool to be dry; but that doesn’t make sense to me. Dry skin cracks, and crack kills. So that can’t be it. With that being said, today’s generation is a bit more progressive than we were. 40 is the new 20, medium is the new large, eyebrows are on-fleek, and folx everywhere are making it rain—without Native Americans! Wait, where was I going with this…big sigh. Oh yeah, I was discussing the issue of ‘why men don’t lotion their feet.’

Ladies, how many of you have witnessed this phenomenon? Your man gets out of the shower, dries off, slaps on some lotion–but he stops short, just above his ankles!  It seems that some men seem content with applying lotion only two-thirds of the way down. WTF is that about? For real, I don’t understand this practice. There must be a reasonable explanation for why men skip the lower quadrant of the body when applying lotion. Could it be that some of them have back problems, and have a limited range-of-motion? Or perhaps this action is filed under the ‘nice to have, but not necessary’ section of the man-code.

To the fellas reading this, you all look silly as hell standing there in the buff, looking like you’re wearing a pair of Hanes Socks, only you’re not. You’re just ashyasfck.

And we will be doing a podcast about it soon so I can ask Drake; although I think I know his answer already. He would swear up and down and sideways, that if a man is handling his business in the bedroom, the state of his other appendages doesn’t matter.

Ladies, do you agree with that?

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