More Attempts to Discredit Trayvon Martin

Originally Posted May 2012

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Okay, the latest report to hit the news is that Trayvon Martin was on a 10-day suspension from school at the time of his killing.  School officials found a baggie in his backpack that may have contained traces of marijuana.  Uh, who gives a ____?   An autopsy was done on that young man’s body, and it revealed absolutely nothing that could be considered a cause for his behavior at the time of confrontation.   And to add flies to manure, it is now being reported that the Florida police department at the center of this scandal was responsible for the leak.  This was obviously a smear tactic to dishonor Trayvon and attack his character.   I am sickened by the desperate attempts of many to provide any form of evidence (irrelevant or otherwise), to justify the actions of Zimmerman.   Why else would this information surface at this precise time?

I’d like some better answers to explain why a police department would go to such lengths to protect one man; and even scarier, have they done something like this before?  If so, how many times?  I think the community would agree with me that even once is too many.

To the Martin family, you are in our thoughts and prayers.  We will continue to do our part in shedding light on this injustice through the use of our platform.

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