OMG look what was in my dryer!

dryer lint

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I never would have guessed that this much lint had become trapped inside of my dryer. I clean my vent trap EVERY time I put a load in to dry, and even taught my kids to do the same; but that’s not what caused this. Failing to promptly clean the vent after the load dried was the problem. Once the lint was allowed to cool, it was able to simply drop off into my dryer shaft, still in tact. :-( A quick search on the internet revealed that dryer-fires are on the rise. KFOR-TV News out of Oklahoma City recently covered a story about it. There were eight house fires last year in OK City alone that were started by dryers. According to the article, dryer-fires caused 35 million in damages, and claimed 5 lives across the Unites Dtates.

I remember my mom regularly pulling our dryer away from the wall, and removing the back panel off of it so she could vacuum it out well. She did this at least once a year, and she has been steadfast with this routine maintenance since the 80’s. I’ve seen the damage first-hand when this ritual is not adhered to. My mom’s next door neighbors were displaced a few years back when their home sustained damage from a dryer-fire a few years ago. Prayerfully, they walked away with their lives.



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