Pandora’s Box

my girl wants a threesome

my girl wants a threesome

Dear SC,

I’m a 20-yr old college freshman, and I’ve been dating the same girl since we were sophomores in high school. Me and my girlfriend go to the same college. I talked her into having a threesome with me last year, and now I regret it. It was a fantasy of mine to be with two girls, and she helped me make that happen. Now she wants me to return the favor, but every time I think about another man doing certain things to my girl I feel sick. The first time she asked me about it I made up an excuse. The second time she asked I was honest with her about my feelings. She called me selfish and got mad, and then threw it up in my face about how she did it for me even though she didn’t want to. SC there is no way I’m going to watch my girl and another dude go at it.

I opened up a can of worms and big snakes came out! Should I do this to shut her up, or just quit her.

I Need a Do-Over

Julu Says…Dude seriously? What were you thinking? You already know where this is headed.  I feel you on not wanting to watch your girl with another man.  But did you ever stop and think about how it made her feel to watch you with another chick?  Karma’s a witch aint it?  You’re screwed either way..pardon the pun. 😉  If you don’t do it your girl is gonna forever feel stupid because she did it for you.  On the flipside, if you go through with it, you’ll prove to her that you’re willing to make the tough sacrifice. But at what cost? Base your decision on what you can handle. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do anything they can’t live with. What ever you decide is not nearly as important as the hard lesson that both you and your girl need to learn from this.

Drake Says…First off–to keep it real with u, once u start this type of action u and your girl wont last. You might as well do it and get it over with, but just know that your relationship was doomed from the time you had the threesome. So do it and chalk it up that at least u did it. Most men don’t get the opportunity to do that type of thing. Now if u got a lil pipe and you’re nervous then don’t do it. Save yourself the embarrassment.

Fever Says…It’s amazing to me how all men think they have the stamina to sustain 2 women AT THE SAME TIME. I get it..two pairs of hands, two sets of lips everywhere. They always want what they see in the movies. Dude you’re an idiot for wanting YOUR GIRL to participate with you in a threesome.  Those things are reserved for girls you don’t know, not someone you care about. Now look at you, hurt and upset that she wants the same thing you requested. Guess what?  Our fantasies don’t always include you guys.  Man up and leave her. Be honest and tell her that you can’t handle her being with another man. She will be hurt, you might get slapped, but it’s honest. If you decide to fulfill this fantasy it will always be in your mind, “was he better than me?..he was bigger than me!..did she enjoy him better than me?” That list can be endless especially when your heart is involved.  Not only will you be selfish if you don’t go through with it, but she’ll also consider you jealous, envious and mean.  No one deserves that. End it.

**This letter was so good and terrible that we had to do a video response too!

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