R.I.P. Chris Kelly (Kris Kross)

chris kelly

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When I heard about this first thing this morn I was about to ‘Jump Jump’ up and down and start crying!  I couldn’t believe that one of the ‘two lil kids wit a flow you aint never heard’ was dead.  Now we’re all sitting back waiting on autopsy results, and wondering WTF happened.  The social rumor mill is reporting that Kelly’s death could possibly be related to heroine and cocaine use.  Over the years I’ve seen videos of Kelly that were not very flattering.  He looked like he was definitely dealing with something other than just Alopecia–and might even need an intervention.  Plus he still wore his pants backwards…ijs.  I actually think that’s kinda cool.  😉  Kris Kross Interview

The ironic thing is that I once even referred to him as a broke-down Jermaine Dupri protegee; but who knew that the media would actually confuse the two!   Would you believe that in 2013 with all the internet and social media that a NBC News affiliate would report that Chris Kelly was dead while featuring an image of Jermaine Dupri?  And they weren’t the only ones.   http://madamenoire.com/275039/news-alert-jermaine-dupri-is-not-chris-kelly-multiple-news-shows-and-publications-confuse-dupri-for-the-late-kris-kross-member

I think my sister described their reporting capabilities well–lazy, sloppy and irresponsible.  I am in awe that reporters failed to find and verify an image of Kris Kross. Have they never heard of a CD cover, discography, or even frickin’ Wikipedia?–whom in all of its illegitimacy still got it right!  SMDH…

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