Rest in Peace Christina Morris-Ward

Courtesy of Germantown Patch

I live in Northern Virginia, not too far from where this tragedy occurred.  Christina and her family have been on my mind since I woke up to this story this past Wednesday morning.  My heart instantly sunk when I heard about it.  I’m a mother of two girls, and would be just devastated if I lost any of my children; even more so I believe, if the loss happened tragically.

Christina Morris-Ward was struck and killed by a car while she was walking to school this past Wednesday morning (31 Oct).   She was a 10th grade student at Seneca Valley High, in Germantown, MD.

Read the full story here Pedestrian Hit In Wisteria Drive. It’s not like she was doing something out of the ordinary.  Walking to school is what kids do. But it hurts like hell when something so expected and routine goes bad.  I pass countless kids in the morning walking to school during my commute.  And some mornings, depending on the circumstances I say a prayer or three for the little ones to make it to their destinations safely.  Some of them are forced to walk in the street at times because the sidewalks either run out, or were never there in the first place. As parents, we relish in the day when our little ones find independence; and the older they get, the less we tend to worry about them in their day-to-day dealings.  Sure, part of us will always worry, but we know ‘they’ve got it’ when it comes to certain things by the time they’re teenagers. Many of them can cook, style hair (to include the use of heat products), they’re learning to drive, can stay home overnight alone, and can take care of their younger siblings as well as we can.

We walked everywhere when I was growing up: to school, the store, went through other neighborhoods without incident, and often times we literally took shortcuts down beaten paths.  And we were okay.

So before i digress into why things can’t just be simple again back to when the world was a safer place, I’ll leave you all to listen to a song that I can’t seem to stop listening and crying to since this happened.  The chorus is what does it for me. The song is called Priceless–by Joe; and I know this young lady’s family feels the same way about her; and I do too.

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