Pop That? Rick Ross Can Get It!

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Okay, just saw a vid featuring Drake, the Boss, some dude named French Montana, and Lil Weezy (who was skateboarding down a sidewalk..lmao)! The song, appropriately titled “Pop That” was all about the P, and paid homage to Luke & the 2 Live Crew.  The hook even contained a sample of the Luke signature line “Don’t stop, pop that..”  The lyrics were raw, and the video was just as uncooked.

Now, rewind back 20 years to when Yo! MTV Raps was in its prime. Sure, ole skool rappers had their share of risque lyrics; but for every song you heard, there was a dozen others who were ‘clean.’ And conscious rap was actually cool back then. It’s pretty much non-existent now..save for ole skoolers like Sadat X and KRS who resurface from time to time to let you know they still got skills. As an old skooler, seeing the “Pop That” vid left me SMH. Lyricists now have the ‘green light’ to focus more on cleavage, and less on being clever. Back in the day ‘less’ used to be more. Now 40 is 30, and medium is the new large and all that bullshiggity; but i digress. I almost turned that skanky video off. I’m a woman, and don’t care to see women going at it, men gawking at women, and booties dropping like they’re hot..or Luke warm in some cases–pun intended. 😉 But then things changed :52 secs into the video. The camera panned across Rick Ross. And he was beautiful. And all else was forgotten. Sad, i know. Yes, I still loathe misogynistic lyrics and public displays of sodomitic behavior, but RICK ROSS just does sumthn to a sister!!!!!! Ooooo–Weeeeee! Claud Ha-mercy!

To the guys reading this, before you can ask why–don’t! You will never understand why women think Rick Ross is sexy.

I’m not the only one who thinks so: Rick Ross Sexy, Do Women Really Believe This

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