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“Just Came Here To Chill” is a real smooth song with classic Ron Isley appeal.  It starts out with his signature riff “la-da-da-da-da-daaa-daaaa” to set the mood.  Next, he sings the first line…”We’ve been kicking it for quite some time.” I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t get past the fact that Ron Isley was 65 yrs old when this song was released in ’06. WhoTF is kickin’ it with anybody at 65?  Obviously the song wasn’t written for him, but for real people like you and me, so I guess I need to get off that; and accept that Ron Isley Is a Baller!

What’s even more interesting–or disturbing, is the fact that somewhere out there is a couple who’s ‘gettin’ bizzy’ to a tune being sung by somebody old enough to be their grandfather. If it were anybody else, I’d be throwin’ up in my mouf a lil bit just thinking ’bout that foolishness. But this is Mr. Biggs so I’ll make an exception for a Boss.  I might as well, his wife did.  BTW, she was minus 35 yrs old when Ron Isley was born.

The video for the song plays out like a movie. Idris Elba–wit his fine azz, stars in it as a guy who comes over to Biggs’ house and scopes out the place so he can conduct a heist. Well his fine azz ends up playin’ his own azz, and this chick he thought was finna give him some azz ends up handcuffing his azz to a bed. I know that was good and ghetto, but Idris is fine as **** and so I digress.  Anyway, so his silly azz thought some freaky-freak stuff was about to go down, but instead ole girl had infiltrated the plan. And then the video ends with a “To Be Continued,” as Mr. Biggs and his Mafia make their way to the room to deal with the would-be criminal. And that confirmed it for me. Ron Isley is a Baller.

You know some people say old men will give you worms. Umph. That’s an old wives tale right? I mean, I’m just asking.  Just saying.  Just pondering.  Just imagining.  Not for me!  Y’all tripping.  I ain’t into that.  Is he still married? 😉


Ronald Isley – Just Came Here To Chill

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