Scared Of Water, But Water Ski in Dreams

Madame Ree,
I’m currently going through a divorce.  The magnitude of our issues has left me feeling alone, depressed and stagnant.  I’m a graphic artist, and some of the creative flair typically reflected in my work has vanished.  The other night I dreamed I was water skiing and having the time of my life!  In reality, I’m VERY afraid of water and don’t even swim; yet, I had the courage in my dream to ski up and over a 6 ft ramp!  I’ve never felt so free in my life!  I felt invincible almost, like I could do anything in the world!  Don’t know if this is significant or not, but there were two police officers in the boat ahead that was pulling me.  They seemed to be watching to make sure everything went fine.  My dad is a cop, and so is the man that I’ve begun spending time with.  The only other thing I remember is being really excited about my experience and I told a group of women about it – I did not recognize any of them.  Can you tell me what all of this means?

Infrequent Dreamer (ID)
Columbia, SC

Dear ID,
What’s happening here is a classic case of a woman who lost herself somewhere in the midst of her marriage.  Whatever it is that you’re currently doing is not satisfying you.  I think you water skiing, which is you doing something “forbidden” or that you have a fear of–signifies an inner strength that you have, but haven’t tapped into.  Are you a religious person?  Remember Phillippians 4:13 tells us that “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”  Take heed, and learn to step outside of the box; for waiting there could be the opportunity of a lifetime.  As for the cops on the boat, they could be representative of two very significant men in your life.  My only concern is that you didn’t see your husband anywhere, or at least you didn’t mention him.   Did something occur within your marriage to make you feel that he didn’t “have your back” or support you?  What lead you to didn’t say.   If you’re serious about moving on, FINALIZE the divorce, and take your time with love in the future.

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