The Bra-wallet

Courtesy of Julu

Courtesy of Julu

Ladies, do any of you prefer to use the bra-wallet when it comes to keeping your most valuable items close, or is a purse your method of security? I’m noticing that a lot of women still like the convenience of keeping money and other small items (credit cards, pacifiers, cough drops, keys, etc), securely tucked in their bosom.

While in the cafeteria at my job recently, I saw a woman stick her hand down the front of her shirt, and lift up her tig-old-bitty so she could bury some rolled-up dollar bills. This wasn’t an older woman, as you may have imagined since this act is more common amongst old-schoolers. Instead, it was a young woman in her early 30s. I happen to know “Katrina,” so was a little shocked when I saw her do it. Sure, she probably didn’t have pockets or her wallet on her at the time, so she used her God given assets to cover the loot! I actually chuckled a bit when I saw her do it. My only concern with her action, was the lack of discretion she displayed–HELLO, she was standing in the middle of the dining area. Moral of the story…somebody is always watching. 😉

Author: julu

You can call me JULU. I’m a single working mother of two. I’ve been referred to as “an old soul” and have a knack for reading people. I’m friendly by nature and cool with just as many women as men. I’m that person who always gets the quiet people to talk. When giving advice, expect my answers to contain a heap load of wisdom gained from my vast personal experiences, a considerable amount of women’s intuition, and a dash of humor. I will not excuse behavior for ANYONE. Wrong is wrong, and if you do wrong then ask my opinion, expect the hard truth about it. I’m a great communicator, and enjoy talking and sharing thoughts with others. I’m also an artist, so view life creatively. I believe there are many different ways to handle the many different situations we encounter in life. Expect some humor where appropriate. I’m a trip, and will clown you as I see fit. Where guys are concerned, they typically think of me in one of two ways. I’m either like a sister, or they tend to “forget I’m a girl” because I’m so frickin’ laid back and “don’t get all emotional” like women tend to. Life is what it is, so no need in me stressing over stuff I can’t control. Don’t get me wrong I have my moments. I just usually take the common sense approach to solving problems instead of letting my heart do the talking; and then if that doesn’t work, I ask Drake. ☺ I have an Associates Degree in Business, and an Honorary Degree in “Dealing with Life’s BS.”

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