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Once my mom found out that I thought Rick Ross was sexy, she inquired as to whether or not I needed glasses.  My mom’s 73, so I’m gonna make nice with my comments.  She’s still pretty spry, so I kid you not when I say that she would have no problem running me down like a track star if I were to smart-off at the mouth.  Don’t get it twisted..I aint scared of her.  Please God don’t let her read this.   😉

As for my infatuation with Big Sexy–aka Rick Ross, I reassured my mom that she had nothing to worry about–my eyesight’s just fine; however I did instruct her to stage an immediate intervention the minute she heard me uttering anything close to ‘Young Moolah Baby!’  Stripe Gremlin aint never done nothing for me except keep me from eating after midnight..probably a good thing.  😉  Nuff said…


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