Tiny Harris Had Surgery to Change Her Eyes

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

WTF is wrong with Tiny Harris from Xscape? Well, that was my first thought after learning that she recently went to Africa to get artificial iris implant surgery to permanently change her eye color from ‘boring brown’ to ‘ice gray;’ but after doing a bit of research, I found that there are plenty of ‘ordinary’ citizens who get this done all the time—either for cosmetic reasons, or to correct problems with vision. In other words, if ‘Tiny’ wasn’t a public figure, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

So before you come down on Tiny too hard, I suggest you read up on Bright Ocular and check out some of the Testimonials. All types of people have undergone this surgery, including a male model who wanted to kick his gig-game up a notch, a Marine who always wished his eyes were green like his mom and brother, and some girl who had eyes that were two different colors. Ordinary, everyday, people; and whether we agree with their choice or not, they get to make it.

The coolest factoid of them all was learning about Bright Ocular’s campaign known as Operation Happy Eyes, which is a program to treat congenital eye disorders (coloboma, ocular albinism, or aniridia), or to correct traumatic injuries sustained by military men and women. These services are provided at no cost to qualifying individuals. This company has been changing the lives of men and women with this product since 2010. Who knew?

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