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Kanye and Kim

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I just listened to the Drunk In Love Remix, and i really have no words, for what Kanye said about Kim. That’s his lady; but love him or hate him, Kanye is usually pretty damm clever as far as lyrics go. But what fiancé tells the world that he knew he would marry HIS GIRL the moment he impregnated her mouth? WhoTF does that? This dude needs adult supervision and some real effin friends. Better yet, Kanye needs a role model—“on retainer.” I’m so serious. There’s gotta be somebody out there that he can bill on a regular basis to help him achieve effective communication.

And then I had another thought. How is it that Kim K keeps ending up as ‘collateral damage’ for Kanye’s missteps and lyrical assaults? I think I know the answer. She’s an easy target. Dating brothers does not make you a sister; and she looks nothing like his mother. The lines of respect are blurred; and the relationship lacks that healthy fear factor (that thing that reminds a man to act right, so he can comfortably sleep with both eyes shut at night). There doesn’t even seem to be a small concern that he’ll be cursed the eff out, or cut by Kim! I’ma need for him to date NaNa from the Swahoodie Tribe for a lil while, so he can learn what NOT to say to a woman–in English, Swahili, or Niccarish.

Not too long ago Ray J got dogged out for the lyrics to his song I Hit It First. It took a couple months, but Kanye eventually ‘answered back’ to let Ray J know he didn’t appreciate him talking out the side of his neck. Maybe next time Kanye and Ray J can do a collabo to see who can lyrically eff Kim the best.

Way to go Kanye. Nicca don’t forget you have a daughter.

Peep this CAMEO…

Cameo – Talkin' Out The Side Of Your Neck

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