Who Am I?

who-am-iWHO AM I?

I am searching for something. I don’t know what it is but I won’t be satisfied until I’ve found it. I CAN’T continue to live this way. The pit of my stomach aches all the time for something other than food. I feel as though I don’t have a place in this world. I don’t feel quite comfortable with my current living arrangements, and don’t feel wanted at home with my husband.

I’M ALONE. I need a place where I can go to be free to be totally ME. I’m sure nothing or no-one, or no amount of want from another man will fill this emptiness. I don’t know what I’m feeling. Is it the guilt of hurting a loved one so many times? I cannot state. I have decided to cut everything and everyone back and fill it with the Holy Spirit. AN UNSATISFIED SOUL IS AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN. At this rate, it is inevitable. I can no longer be with him. It feels great, but it’s not love. I know how that feels. It feels safe and comforting. I’ll never be able to get back to that place where we were before because I’ve changed. I wasn’t a faithful believer back then; but now, I hold myself to a higher standard and don’t measure up. I need my spiritual life to be in order. I want not only to hear the word of God but be a catalyst for others; for them to see that light shining in me. This nonsense ENDS TODAY!


Author: Fever

FEVER incites passion and enthusiasm. I’m the other artsy, one with the quirky sense of humor. Old enough to see bull-ish coming a mile away. Married w/ two step-children (I’m bout to do an Angelina, I’m gone get me a Zahara!), a dog, also a Photographer, the Senior Editor and former dancer and gymnast (don’t ask me to do any flips cause them days are over), music and chocolate lover. Sister Chatter is about relationships, families, money and life, what else is there to talk about?! Emotionally charged topics with blogs, helpful hints and FREE resources. No topic is taboo for us. Get it real and raw, GET FEVER!!!!

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