Who is This Man?

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Courtesy of Dreamstime


Looks like a chocolate, cone-dipped man

Fine, square-jaw, rippled arm man
Hair in a fade, pearly-white teeth man
I could see this man as my man

I can feel him kissing and caressing all that I am
Us running on the beach, making love on the sand
Mmmmm, the mere thought of him is more than I can stand

And now he’s coming directly to my car
I fix my hair, dress and makeup as quick as I can
I adjust myself in my seat,ready for this man

EXCUSE ME….do I want what?

Damn, he’s the Corner Fruit Man! 😉

— Fever

Author: Fever

FEVER incites passion and enthusiasm. I’m the other artsy, one with the quirky sense of humor. Old enough to see bull-ish coming a mile away. Married w/ two step-children (I’m bout to do an Angelina, I’m gone get me a Zahara!), a dog, also a Photographer, the Senior Editor and former dancer and gymnast (don’t ask me to do any flips cause them days are over), music and chocolate lover. Sister Chatter is about relationships, families, money and life, what else is there to talk about?! Emotionally charged topics with blogs, helpful hints and FREE resources. No topic is taboo for us. Get it real and raw, GET FEVER!!!!

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