Why You Should Date More Than One Guy

Why You Should Date More Than One Guy

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Ladies, there really are some valid reasons for why you should date more than one guy. For one, the concept of having multiple men ‘on retainer,’ decreases the chance for a lull in your dating schedule, which can be quite rewarding. Although the concept of monogamy is introduced to many of us fairly early, learning to ‘play the field’ on occasion is considered perfectly acceptable nowadays. Realistically, one individual could lack many of the characteristics you desire in a potential mate. Dating more than one man increases your odds of finding a well-suited mate.

A friend of mine has been swearing by this theory for years..that a woman needs at least 3 men to be completely satisfied.  Once upon a time, I would’ve said that sounded either greedy, or absurd; but in all honesty, I have been operating in that capacity for years without even realizing it. With that being said, allow me to introduce you all to my menagerie!

First up, is Best Friend Guy. He’s the one that will do whatever he can for me–with no strings attached; however, I do presume that if I tripped and fell that he would be there to catch me–whether in front of, or behind me. 🙂  MAURICE would be perfect–if he didn’t have a woman. The more he tries to show me he’s the perfect man for me, the more I become convinced that he wouldn’t have a problem cheating on my azz–if the right damsel in distress presented herself. Why should I have to remind any man that he has a woman? I can’t stand no slick-azz man. Talking all fast..probably thinking he’s smarter than the average woman..GTFO here. Next!

Next up..Mr. Disappearing Act. Practically every woman has experienced him at least once. His appearances are seasonal in nature..like a Monarch-Damm Butterfly. Over time, his visits become fewer and farther in between; and just when you think he’s down for the count, he returns from the ‘brink of extinction’ with his d!ck in his hand. I tend to call him from time to time–not because of the withdrawals, but because he’s very smart, and always has something profound to say no matter what the situation (that’s my story and i’m sticking to it). So after some small-talk, and bringing this guy up to speed on what’s been happening in my life–work stuff, life stuff, parenting woes (he’s a single dad, so he gets it), he replies “so is there anything I can do to make it all better?” And he says it in his Billy Dee voice. “Do you want my arm to fall off?” And I was almost Diana Ross for a split second there..had to keep it together! This brother wasn’t bit mo’ interested in my problems than the man in the moon! But I can say one thing where he’s concerned. He’s consistent, predictable, and he’s good at what he does. I’m LMAO in hindsight thinking about his comment, but the ish wasn’t funny to me when we were talking. I needed soooo much more than THAT. But MELVIN serves his purpose…and it has nothing to do with my emotional needs.

Third..My Buddy. He’s ‘fine as wine’ and a man of character. JIM is respectful, comes from a family of hardworking people, and is very considerate. He’s husband material, and says he wants a family. This mysterious, and attractive man would have you believing that if the timing were right, y’all would at least go together–if it weren’t for his job, and schedule, or this and that. He’s just not that into me. In all seriousness, I think if I walked past him wearing nothing but a pair of socks, his first inclination would be to ask me if they kept my feet warm. A friend of mine had a way of describing him that I thought was very interesting. She said he looked ‘saved.’ I chuckle every time I think about that foolishness. What does a saved person look like? And if they were that easy to spot, women would likely flock to them.

With all that being said, my line-up consists of a Spice Daddy (not quite sweet enough to be called Sugar), a Hit Man, and an Associate. And if I added each of them together, they would total ZERO. And that is NOT enough! I think I need Jesus…

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