Wow, Nicki Twerked Lil Wayne!

Nicki Minaj Lap Dance

Billboard 2013

Well, I finally saw the Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Billboard performance.  Crickets.  Sometimes there are no words.  There were booties shaking all around, and mitches dropping it like it was lukewarm. But I’ve gotta give Nicki mad props for having girl-balls enough to give Lil Wayne a lap dance in front of 9.4M viewers.  Not sure if her stock just went up or down for that one though. And she twerked it–like he don’t be having seizures and sh!t.  I mean, I kept expecting him to bite down on his microphone at any minute.  Not trying to make light of his!t is real.  And this whole search for societal relevancy has gotten ridiculous.  **Note to parents – Kids should be able to reach out and touch their role models..ijs.

Nicki Minaj Billboard Award performance Lil Wayne Gets Lap dance

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